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Liebherr opens new logistics centre

April 18, 2023  By Don Horne

Liebherr’s new logistics centre is up and running in Bischofshofen, Austria.

The investment of around 26 million euros includes a state-of-the-art automated warehouse with space for over 12,000 pallets and over 33,500 small load carriers, generous logistics and office space and a photovoltaic rooftop installation to generate electricity.

“This year, we will produce another record number of wheel loaders. Our unit numbers have more or less doubled in the last six years. The new logistics centre is an essential part of the infrastructure necessary to meet the continually rising global demand for Liebherr wheel loaders in the future,” says Peter Schachinger, Director of Production and Operations at Liebherr Werk Bischofshofen.

Employees of Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH in front of the new automated warehouse. The group from left to right: Alexandra Bernhofer (HR generalist), Nadja Leitinger (trainee officer for Intralogistics), Peter Schachinger (Director of Production and Operations), Alexander Berner (Head of Human Resources and Welfare).

With the new logistics centre, Liebherr is also creating an exciting work environment for skilled jobs in logistics. Innovations such as modern operating materials, ergonomic lifting devices and automated material flows reduce physical strain for staff. They optimize working conditions for employees and also make it easier for workers from other industries to enter the profession.

“I am particularly pleased that we could add another apprenticeship to our wide range of options: to become an operation logistics specialist,” says Schachinger.

The automated warehouse, which is designed as a fully automatic high-bay warehouse, is the heart of the new logistics centre. Its massive storage capacity and the automation of complex storage processes help make optimal usage of the limited factory space.

For example, the material flow from receipt of goods to the station at which the tugger trains are prepared for delivery to the assembly line can extend over multiple storeys in the new building complex. A practical and special feature is the innovative storage technology which automatically moves the goods onto trolleys after order picking. This removes the need for complicated manual intermediate steps, for example using a pallet truck, before the new tugger trains deliver the prepared material to the assembly lines.

To manage increasing material flows, Liebherr has invested in innovative storage and conveyance technology in the new logistics centre.

“These innovations in our intralogistics help us to handle the increasing material flows and make our processes even more efficient. The growth in automation will not put any jobs at risk, but will in fact create additional attractive jobs,” says Schachinger.

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