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Liebherr makes moves with new LG1800-1.0 lattice boom crane

February 20, 2024  By CHC Staff

(Photo credit: Liebherr)

Liebherr’s new LG1800-1.0 lattice boom crane is designed for mobility and high loads. With a lifting capacity of up to 800 tonnes, the model stands as one of the most powerful wheeled lattice boom cranes on the market.

The machine features an axle load of 10 tonnes across its nine axles, making for a total weight of 70 tonnes with two supports and 90 tonnes when using all four supports. This allows the crane to safely drive on public roads in all configurations.

The chassis has a width of 3 metres and can handle gradients of up to 25 per cent. Options are available that allow the main boom to have a reach of up to 180 metres, with a main boom luffing jib combination of up to 108 metres of main boom and 102 metres of luffing jib, for a maximum hook height of 208 metres.

The machine’s wind power boom systems have been optimized for height and length, making it possible to work with a boom of 174 metres and an 18-metre long lattice type fixed job at hub heights of 180 metres.

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