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Hiab launches Effer 1000 loader crane

February 16, 2021  By Crane & Hoist Canada

Hiab announced the expansion of the Effer loader crane range, with the introduction of the 90tm Effer 1000 loader crane. Photo: Hiab

Hiab is expanding the Effer loader crane range by introducing the 90tm Effer 1000 loader crane.

The crane has a nine-section boom structure with six JIB extensions that deliver a lifting capacity of 2,300 kilograms at max outreach of 26 metres and a max payload of 5,800 kilograms at 23 metres outreach. The crane weighs 9,500 kilograms.

Key to the loader crane’s vertical performance is the V10-Force decagonal boom shape that delivers the strength needed to support the heaviest loads while reducing the side oscillations to a minimum and increasing the overall precision.

Hiab launches new Effer 1000 heavy range crane. Photo: Hiab

It also has the new Multipower Jib that the company says retains performance at the higher levels of the extension, even from the fifth to ninth extension use. The crane can be installed with the optional Effer’s V-Stab and CroSStab that increase the available surface areas to place the truck for maximum stability.


The crane comes equipped with Effer’s Progress 2.0 control system that enables connected digital solutions so owners and fleet managers can retrieve data about the use and performance of the crane to facilitate maintenance planning and enhance uptime. By using remote diagnostics, the crane can be checked or receive software updates without having to visit a service centre, as well as scheduling. It also allows owners to monitor the status of cranes and working cycles to manage their fleet more efficiently.

The company says Progress 2.0 is CE compliant and delivers numerous safety features like support functions and sensors that assist the operators during the working cycles, avoiding excessive load risks and cutoff interventions when needed.

“We have listened to our customers and created a game-changing EFFER loader crane that delivers the best vertical performance in its class. EFFER 1000 is a heavy loader crane with the competing vertical reach and lifting capacity of a super heavy crane without the need for the bigger trucks. This flexibility allows them to work in tighter urban spaces and save money,” says Marcel Boxem, director of global product management at Hiab.

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