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Frequently asked questions about OSHA rigging training

April 26, 2022  By Don Horne

While rigging certification training is an important certification program for signalmen, there are still some questions surrounding coursework and the profession as a whole.

In this article, OSHA Pros, LLC clears up confusion by answering frequently asked questions about rigging certification training, including:

What are the job responsibilities of a signalman?
Signalmen help to ensure the safety and efficiency of work sites. Here is what a signal person is responsible for:

– Riggs items properly to ensure safety
– Communicates with crane and heavy machinery operators
– Effectively uses hand signals


What does the rigging certification training course include?
Signalmen have a responsibility to help be a guide for crane operators. These topics covered in rigging certification training prepare signalmen for this job:

– An introduction to rigging
– Hand signals
– Estimating weights
– Chapters on sling angles
– Rigging gear
– Common safety hazards

How does a signal person prove that they are qualified for the job?

Upon the successful completion of rigging certification training, will provide trainees with a printable certification.

OSHA Pros, LLC provides a vast selection of online OSHA training and certifications, including rigging certification training. As a necessary and important training for signalmen, rigging certification training helps signalmen effectively communicate with heavy machinery and crane operators, so they can effectively and safely do their job.

Available at, this rigging certification training can be completed at the trainee’s own pace and from the remote location of their choosing. Topics covered in rigging certification training include weight estimations, identification of safety hazards, hand signals, safety hazard education, and more!

The rigging certification training course is available online 24/7 and does not require any prerequisites to enrol. To learn more, visit

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