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Palazzani launches new spider crane model

March 22, 2021  By Crane & Hoist Canada

spider crane palazzaniPalazzani's new TZX 250 spider crane. Photo: Palazzani

Palazzani recently released the TZX 250. The new model has the typical working diagrams of Palazzani TZX, with two articulated and telescopic booms.

The spider crane company says the new boom system grants aerial agility and a sensation of stability in the basket, thanks to the aluminium structure and the oversized booms sections. TZX 250 offers 25 metres of maximum working high without restriction in movements and a maximum reach of 10.6 metres with a low operative weight of 2660 kilograms.

It is designed to be compact in transport phase, 5123-metre length, 980 millimetres wide and only 1921 millimetres high, with a minimum set-up width of just 2840 millimetres. “The stabilizers lowering can be done with the manual or automatic system according to the needs, with double set-up option [wide and narrow] over slope till 19 per cent,” the company said in a release.

“As in all Palazzani Spiders, the basket can also have an anti-collision system with laser and ultrasounds on all sides to avoid accidents also from entrapment in working sites where obstacles can be a safety problem,” said the release.


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