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Symeo launches new crane sensor

August 21, 2023  By Symeo

Symeo has launched a new industrial radar technology product for reliably determining positions in all weather conditions. The LPR-1DHP-291 accurately measures distances up to 50m using a single sensor. Symeo adds that it is possible to combine multiple LPR- 1DHP-291 products to increase this range to 500m.

The industrial radar system, with integrated directional antenna, measures with accuracy in the millimetre range and is suitable for crane positioning, collision avoidance, goods tracking, and process automation applications. Used as radar barriers, the sensors can detect objects and help secure areas.

With the LPR-1DHP-350, Symeo is primarily looking to replace laser or ultrasonic sensors, as these are sensitive to environmental influences. However, the fact the new sensor is just 90x90x35mm in size means it is particularly suitable for installations in places where radar systems have not previously been an option.

The maintenance-free and wear-free sensors are based on patented LPR (local positioning radar) technology and are said to function reliably when faced with dirt, dust, vibrations, high solar radiation, fog or precipitation.


Symeo’s LPR-1D24 sensor system has been providing collision-avoidance and reliable position determination in seaports and container terminals around the world for years.

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