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The Canadian Crane Rental Association looks ahead at 2024

February 26, 2024  By Claire Bélanger-Parker

As the page turns on a new chapter, it’s time to reflect on the accomplishments of the Canadian Crane Rental Association (CCRA) in the past year and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead in 2024.

A Year of Milestones

2023 was a landmark year for the CCRA. It celebrated its 25th anniversary, a testament to its enduring commitment to excellence and innovation. This milestone was not just a celebration of its past, but also a stepping stone towards its future.

In 2023, the Weights & Dimensions Committee of the Canadian Crane Rental Association (CCRA) achieved two significant milestones. The first was the successful completion of a two-year pilot project with Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridor. The CCRA is currently awaiting a final decision to approve the permanent increase in weights.

The second milestone was the implementation of major changes to the Chapter 5 Policy for Specialized Vehicle Size and Weight Guidelines and Permits in British Columbia. Further information on both initiatives was anticipated by the end of January. These projects highlighted the CCRA’s ability to collaborate effectively with key stakeholders and deliver impactful results.

In addition, the CCRA made considerable progress in establishing an association structure that offers a robust governance model with clear committee mandates. This development involved the formation of a lead Technical Committee overseeing multiple task forces, enhancing the CCRA’s capacity to address a diverse range of issues. This structure has fostered a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, further strengthening the association’s impact in the industry.

Last year, the CCRA embarked on a strategic initiative to foster relationships with the International Union of Operating Engineers, recognizing its integral role in the industry. Simultaneously, the CCRA remained committed to nurturing its relationships with non-unionized, smaller businesses. This dual approach underscores the CCRA’s dedication to inclusivity and collaboration, ensuring all voices within the industry are heard and valued. This balance between union and non-union entities is a testament to the CCRA’s commitment to supporting all members of the crane rental community, regardless of their size or affiliation.

Recognizing excellence

In 2023, the CCRA refined the criteria for the Safety Awards and welcomed a remarkable increase in participation to the Canadian Lift of the Year Awards. The Safety Awards serve as a platform to highlight and celebrate companies’ commitment to occupational health and safety. The Canadian Lift of the Year Awards not only recognize the outstanding lifts performed in the industry, but they also facilitate the sharing of best practices, inspiring all members to strive for excellence and continually raise industry standards.

Its active participation in the National Task Force on Weights and Dimensions Policy meeting and representation of Canada’s crane industry at the International Crane Stakeholders Assembly further solidified its position as a key player in the industry.

Looking ahead to 2024

As the CCRA moves into 2024, it is ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. It will continue to address regulatory changes in support of industry and work with governments across Canada to improve the movement of cranes across provincial jurisdictions with the support of the Weights & Dimensions Committee. The Technical Committee is working on a comprehensive analysis of the CSA-Z150 for Mobile Cranes and addressing changes to CSA-Z248 code for Tower Cranes. CCRA Representatives are contributing their expertise to the development of guidance manuals in collaboration with the International Crane Stakeholders Assembly.

Furthermore, the CCRA is working on developing a comprehensive French language industry lexicon to address the discrepancies in translation of industry manuals, thus ensuring the safety of workers and improving services to French speaking member companies.

More importantly, the CCRA will turn its attention to the workforce of tomorrow. The CCRA believes that its future success lies in its ability to nurture talent, foster innovation, and build a workforce that is ready to meet the challenges of the future. This important issue will be addressed at the 2024 Annual Conference to be held June 11 to 13 , in Windsor, ON and will eventually lead to new initiatives in support of the crane industry. The 2024 conference will also highlight the Gordie Howe International Bridge and the extraordinary importance the Detroit-Windsor Economic Corridor will have on the economy.

2023 was a year of significant achievements and growth for the CCRA. As it looks ahead to 2024, the CCRA remains committed to building a stronger and safer crane industry and looks forward to another year of progress and success.


Claire Bélanger-Parker is the executive administrator of the Canadian Crane Rental Association, a not-for-profit organization that represents crane rental companies, owners of cranes, manufacturers and suppliers of cranes and equipment, and suppliers of services used in the specialty crane rental business in Canada.

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