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Link-Belt’s new telescopic crawler crane to be available by the end of 2021

June 10, 2021  By Crane & Hoist Canada Staff

Link-Belt Crane's TCC-550. Courtesy of Link-Belt Cranes.

Set to begin production in the near future, Link-Belt Cranes has announced its new 45 meter-tonne TCC-550, part of the company’s telescopic crawler crane family, will be available for shipments in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Featuring a full-power 11 to 35 meter, four-section boom with two boom extend modes (EM1 and EM2), the TCC-550 follows the TCC-500 and the TCC-450, which were some of the first telescopic crawler models to be introduced worldwide. The TCC-550’s entire boom is greaseless and includes Teflon-impregnated wear pads for easy maintenance. Fly options include a 8.7 to 15.6 meter, two-piece bi-fold lattice fly, which is stowable, offsetable to 2, 20 and 40 degrees, and has a maximum tip height of 50.44 meters.

Updates for the operator

To ensure operators are safe while utilizing the TCC-550, all walking surfaces feature durable textured and slip-resistant paint to improve footing. To give the operator better visibility, the vision package includes winch-view camera, rear-view camera and right-side swing camera, all of which are necessary on the jobsite during setup and lifting.

Additionally, the standard lighting package includes a high intensity LED 360-degree work light mounted on the house and one high intensity 360-degree LED light attached at the top of the boom base section. Both lights can be controlled remotely inside of the operator’s cabin.


Anchor points are located on the TCC-550’s work platform for personal fall arrest equipment.

Courtesy of Link-Belt Cranes.


The TCC-550 can work at three different track widths: 4.63 meters fully extended, 4.12 meters intermediate, and 3.49 meters retracted. It has two travel speeds and can travel up to 3.2 kilometers per hour, saving travel times, and optimizing lift times. With a standard counterweight package of 11,339.8 kilograms, the TCC-550 transports in just one load while staying under 45,359.2 kilograms. On the trailer, the TCC-550 travels at a height of 3.01 meters and a width of 3.49 meters.

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