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Equipment spotlight: Crawler cranes

Crane & Hoist Canada checks out some of the latest crawler cranes available for the Canadian marketplace.

April 3, 2018  By Crane and Hoist Staff

The Demag CC 3800-1 offers a 650t (715USt) capacity at a radius of 12m (39.4 ft.).

Crane & Hoist Canada checks out some of the latest crawler cranes for the Canadian marketplace.

High-performance compact crawler crane
Liebherr’s LR 1500 delivers the load capacities of the 500-tonne crawler crane class throughout its operating range whilst having the dimensions and component weights which have previously been normal in the 400-tonne class. It can be transported around the world without restrictions with a transport weight of just 46.7 tonnes. The overall concept of the new crane is designed for simplicity in all areas and great economy. The criteria of simplicity and economy also had the highest priority in the development of the LR 1500. The new Liebherr crawler crane cannot just be transported easily and at a low cost, but is also simple to set up and operate. The powerful main hoist gear with its line pull of 180 kN can handle all hoists up to the maximum load capacity. This makes crane operation easier since it means that there is no need for a second winch for dual operation for heavyweight hoists. Another winch with a rope hoist of 125 kN is only needed if the crane is operated with a runner. The entire lattice boom system is also notable for its simplicity. The number of parts and parts range on the new LR 1500 has been reduced by deliberately not using the otherwise standard divisions of lattice sections. That makes the transport and erection of the lattice boom simpler and therefore more economical. The designers have come up with a particularly smart solution to increase economy with the central ballast. It consists of just a few concrete sections which can be set up quickly and easily and whose top section forms a safe catwalk for the undercarriage.

Multi-purpose crawler crane
The CK3300G-2, CKE3000G and CKS3000 debut as the largest models of Kobelco’s multi-purpose crawler crane CK / CKE / CKS series. Along with the recent increase in weights and dimensions of construction materials and heights of high-rise buildings, mobile cranes are required to have a higher lifting capacity as well as improved productivity and safety. In order to respond to such needs, Kobelco recently developed these “All Rounder” cranes that can handle a wide variety of applications in different jobsites by utilizing Kobelco’s solid achievements and technologies in multi-purpose cranes as well as handling even the heaviest lifts on large-scale projects. Various kinds of attachments are available ranging from standard crane configuration, including fixed jib, heavy fixed jib and luffing jib, which are most suitable for multipurpose works, to the super heavy lift configuration, including luffing jib, for the heaviest lifts. Kobelco designed these cranes taking into consideration maximum compatibility, such as jibs and pallet weights, with our other models.
The North American model (CK3300G-2) has a standard maximum lifting capacity of 661,300 lb. x 18.1 ft.; standard maximum boom length of 295 ft.; standard maximum fixed jib combination of 256 ft. + 100 ft.; standard maximum luffing jib combination of 197 ft. + 217 ft.; and standard heavy fixed jib combination of 236 ft. + 98 ft.

Telescopic boom crawler crane
The GTC-800 (88 US-ton capacity) features a five-section, 141.1-foot main boom, plus a 58.1-foot bi-fold jib. The crane has automatic switching load charts for operation at up to four degrees out-of-level. The level ground charts for Tadano Mantis are for slopes to 1.5 degrees. The GTC-800 boasts the Tadano AML-C rated capacity indicator with OPTI-WIDTH (Tadano Mantis’ system allowing asymmetric track positioning in reduced width configurations), HelloNet Telematics and a Cummins 310hp QSB6.7 Tier 4f engine.

The full power, hydraulic boom is designed to perform exceptionally well for lift work, while also being capable of out-of-level, pick-and-carry, and foundation work. The round boom is manufactured specifically for the Tadano Mantis telescopic boom crawler cranes by Tadano Japan. The main boom is complimented with a 33.1 ft./58.1 ft. (10.1m / 17.7m) bi-fold jib that offsets at 3.5°, 25°, and 45°. The maximum lifting height with the jib erected is 198 ft. (60.4m). An optional 8.2 ft. (2.5m) heavy lift jib with a maximum capacity of 23.5 US ton (21.4t) that offsets at 3.5° and 30° is also available. The GTC-800 design project was managed by Tadano Mantis and included collaboration with Tadano, Ltd. in developing the purpose-designed, Tadano built telescopic boom and the integration of Tadano winches, jib, hydraulic cylinders, AML-C and Hello Net telematics. The GTC-800 is CE marked and available for global sales.

Lattice crawler crane
Link-Belt Construction Equipment recently released its new 250-ton (227-mt) 298 Series 2 lattice crawler crane. The new boom design is the capstone of the 298 Series 2 and allows the working combination boom tip section to remain in place when transitioning from conventional mode to luffer with a maximum combination of 180 ft. (54.8 m) of luffing boom and 195 ft. (59.4 m) of luffing jib. In order to provide quick conversion from conventional style lifting to a luffing configuration, assembly has been simplified with the advent of the following: semi-bore weldments for pin locations; point-of-use storage provisions for all components; and stop bolts for quick pin alignment. A new luffing jib transport package with lifting lugs simplifies and expedites luffer assembly. The rear post will scissor into place by means of alignment links. The transport package also comes assembled with nylon rope reeving to assist with initial luffing jib wire rope hoist reeving. Once the rear post is in working position, all luffing jib pendant connections are made and the luffer is ready to be raised for work. All assembly is done from the ground with no work at height exposure. The 298 Series 2 also features a new base section and 12 in. (30.48 cm) wide boom walkway. Bar pendants with storage brackets replace dual wire rope pendants. A newly designed retractable auxiliary lifting sheave has a capacity of 25-ton (22.67-mt) and offers two parts of line. Conventional boom length will remain the same as the 298 HSL at 60 ft. – 290 ft. (18.2 – 88.39 m). The maximum tip height of boom and jib [250 ft. + 90 ft. (76.2 + 27.43 m)] is 342 ft. 3.2 in. (104.32 m). The 298 Series 2 will come with a Cummins QSL 9 Tier 4 engine. Greater fuel efficiency is just one of the benefits offered with the ECO winch system. When activated by the operator, ECO hoist provides maximum line speed with lighter loads all with the engine under 1,000 RPM. Also, standard equipped is operator-selectable auto-engine shutdown. The crane operator is assisted by an on-board high-resolution rear view camera that helps monitor jobsite conditions. An audio/visual travel alarm system informs crew members on the ground. The RCL monitoring system provides the operator all lift information, is extremely intuitive and allows the operator to set swing and other control parameters creating virtual walls with audio, visual alarms and function kick out.

Crawler crane with 715 USt capacity
The Demag CC 3800-1 offers a 650t (715USt) capacity at a radius of 12m (39.4 ft.). Highlights include a load moment of 8484 tm; erection of wind turbines up to 117m hub height without superlift; erection of main boom 114m with 12m LF and hook block mounted, without superlift mast and without assist crane; and erection of wind turbines up to 170m hub height with super lift. It offers best-in-class ergonomics for operators and is suitable for worldwide operation. Optional Boom Booster Kit is available.

Crawler crane with 285t capacity
Terex Cranes’ HC 285 crawler crane offers a maximum lift capacity of 285 tons. The crane offers power up/down as standard and optional free fall on main and auxiliary drums. It is built with a quiet, comfortable operator’s cab with excellent viewing range. The shockless stop system gradually retards operating speed to reduce shocks when the crane approaches lifting load or boom limits. Two-speed travel allows the operator to select the best speed and power control for any condition. The HC 285 also offers superior transportability with a 10.5-ft width and a 12-ft. height. Its hydraulic counterweight removal system simplifies installation and removal.

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