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Are you aware of the respiratory hazards in construction?

May 6, 2022  By Don Horne

A recent AIHA publication lists respiratory hazards as one of the top four major construction health hazards.

While many construction companies do have a respiratory protection program in place, concern for both acute exposure and long-term health effects associated with exposure to respiratory contaminants continues to be a major consideration for many construction companies.

While standard respiratory protection devices are often worn by workers in the construction industry, advanced technologies or additional measures may need to be implemented in order to protect workers from specific contaminants.

That is what makes this free webinar hosted by OHS Canada, “How to identify and Address Common Respiratory Hazards in the Construction Industry” on May 10, so valuable.


This presentation will highlight the key components that should be included in a respiratory protection program, and will discuss:

The commonly encountered respiratory hazards in the construction industry: Silica, Wood dust, Mold and Weld fume.

  • How to identify each hazard
  • The potential for workplace exposure
  • The physical state of the airborne contaminants
  • The potential long-term health effects of respiratory hazards
  • The options for source control and for respiratory protection

To register for this free webinar on May 10, click here.

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