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Zoomlion safeguards construction sites amid rising global temperatures

July 27, 2023  By Zoomlion

As temperatures continue to break records, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is helping customers to keep cool.

Construction in a high-temperature environment is a true test of the performance of construction equipment, especially when it comes to stability and safety. Zoomlion has designed and tested its products following strict domestic and international standards, combining all-around safety protection with industry-leading technologies so that the equipment can adapt to severe working conditions, including high temperature and high humidity, and solve the common pain points seen in construction in summer.

Zoomlion conducts rigorous testing to ensure the tower crane’s long-term adaptability to environmental conditions, including open-air use, high temperature, and rainy conditions. This testing is designed to ensure that the equipment operates stably and reliably throughout the summer months.

For example, Zoomlion’s R Generation tower crane incorporates a range of innovative technologies, designed to improve safety and reduce manual operation safety and risk. Among these technologies are round tenon standard section, anti-collision, anti-dangling anchor, and anti-slipping hook, coupled with remote services of safety inspection, debugging, and an intelligent command center.


Quality Services Ensure Customer Satisfaction and Project Success

In addition to developing safe and efficient equipment that can operate smoothly in summer, Zoomlion also supports provides reliable and timely customer service, with the customer service team ensuring the air-conditioning and heat dissipation systems of the equipment operate efficiently.

To better understand customers’ needs, identify potential equipment problems and prevent failures, Zoomlion has been organizing global service tours for 13 years. In¬†July 2023, Zoomlion kicked off its latest service tour, which will visit approximately 2,000 customers worldwide.

The service tour aims to provide greater value for customers by conducting comprehensive “health inspections” of construction machinery equipment and vulnerable components, and giving safety training sessions for the operators.

Safety stems from diligent effort and adherence to the highest standards of quality and protection. In the face of potentially the hottest summer on record, Zoomlion maintains its dedication to a customer-centric approach. The company strives to deliver enhanced value to customers through technological innovation and service improvements, while offering secure, hassle-free solutions for summer construction projects.

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