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William Hackett focuses on increasing hoist safety

June 7, 2021  By Crane & Hoist Canada Staff

William Hackett's WH C4 QP to increase hoist operation safety. Courtesy of William Hackett.

To better serve onshore operations and operators, William Hackett has introduced the WH C4 QP as part of its hoisting portfolio. The chain hoists feature incorporated quad pawl (QP) technology, and have been designed specifically for critical onshore lifting applications.

With the QP technology the WH C4 chain hoist has four independent pawls, which will allow continued safety during operations, should any individual pawls or pawl springs fail. To further ensure safety during operations, the WH C4 QP has been proof tested to more than 3,000 cycles, and has been manufactured with specific materials to make it weigh less. Its reduced unit mass is meant to reduce the risk of injury to the user during handling, transfer and rigging.

Courtesy of William Hackett.

Quad pawl technology for hoists

The QP allows all four pawls to engage with the ratchet gear in an offset configuration, further allowing for finer adjustment, and tensioning capability, while maintaining pawl and ratchet gear engagement.

“With double the number of offset pawls in a chain hoist, from two to four, the load is spread securely against the ratchet gear to provide increased redundancy and resilience for the user,” said Ben Burgess, director at William Hackett


The pawl springs are enclosed in the product’s brake chamber to minimize contamination, and the QP design ensures that, in the event of both pawl springs failing, the QP’s maintain full function with the ratchet gear, increasing safety during hoist operation. With the goal to improve hoist times and provide smooth lift operations, the QP mechanism has been designed to synchronize, therefore minimizing the time and distance travelled to the next point of engagement.

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