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Stellar Industries launches redesigned hydraulic service crane

December 8, 2023  By Jack Burton

(Photo credit: Stellar Industries)

GARNER, IA – Stellar Industries has launched a redesign of their 14530 hydraulic service crane, featuring reduced weight, increased strength and integration with Stellar’s CDTpro control system with Range Finder.

The 14,000-lb class crane features a reduced weight of 11 per cent compared to previous models, in addition to an increased 92,000 ft-lb lifting capacity. The 14530 has also been redesigned with an octagonal boom design and a smaller boom tip.

The integrated Stellar CDTpro control system with Range Finder provides an ergonomic and balanced radio remote control with single-handed operation and proportional control. This allows for both the precise placing of loads and multiple functions to be run simultaneously. The system’s vibrational alerts will also inform operators when maximum load capacity is approached.

“The newly redesigned 14530 hydraulic service crane helps users maximize the value of their crane. Not only does it provide more payload for customers by reducing the weight of the crane, but it can also lift more. We’re excited about the new lighter, stronger 14530 crane, completing our redesign of our heavy-duty hydraulic service crane line,” said Adam Oppermann, Stellar’s product manager.


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