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Modulift Spreader Beams Lift Fire Truck in Tokyo

February 24, 2023  By Modulift

Japanese-based lifting gear company, Nakamura Industry Co. Ltd. and their customer have successfully lifted a 21t fire truck using Modulift spreader beams from a port in Tokyo to a nearby island.

Below-the-hook, Nakamura’s customer employed three Modulift spreader beams; one MOD 34 at a span of 6.5m attached using wire rope slings to the crane hook, and two MOD 24 spreader beams rigged underneath at 3.5m. The spreader beams formed a one-over-two configuration, providing four lifting points over the wheels.

The bottom two spreader beams had chain block hoists attached to drop links at the end of each beam, capturing the centre of gravity. The hoists attached to specially designed webbing slings underneath the wheels, allowing it to be safely lifted on and off the vessel to be transported. The spreader beams were disassembled, and the same configuration used to unload the vehicle at its destination, where it will now serve the local airport.

As part of the operation, Nakamura’s customer used a crane owned by shipping company Tokai Kisen Co Ltd to lift the 21t Oshkosh-made chemical fire truck. The truck was shipped to the neighbouring island of Hachijojima which lies 287km south of Tokyo in the Pacific Ocean.


Osaka-based business Nakamura Industry Co. Ltd. is a distributor of Modulift spreader beams and holds stock from 6t to 100t for fast delivery.  They also supply a variety of products from wire rope and synthetic slings to hooks and shackles.

Modulift Spreader Beams Lifting Fire Truck

Sumihide Haruta, Senior Sales Manager at Nakamura Industry Co., Ltd. commented “The flexible design of the Modulift spreader beams ensured our customer could rig the safest configuration to lift the fire truck successfully. The beams were shipped with the fire truck making it easy to disassemble, ship and reassemble the beams before offloading.”

Sarah Spivey, Managing Director of Modulift said “Modulift spreader beams are portable, lightweight and easy to transport and store. They were the ideal lifting solution for transporting the fire truck safely to the airport.”

Modulift spreader beams are interchangeable enabling them to be reused over many lifts. They are lightweight and modular in design. All spreader beams in the standard range from 6t to 2000t come with DNV Type Approval.

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