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Manitowoc unveils its latest Potain telescopic self-erecting crane

June 14, 2021  By Catarina Muia

Manitowoc has introduced its new Potain telescopic self-erecting crane, which is easy to transport and adaptable to a variety of job sites. Courtesy of Manitowoc.

On Friday, Jun. 11, 2021, Crane & Hoist Canada had the opportunity to attend Manitowoc’s virtual, live unveiling of its Potain telescopic, self-erecting crane, the Igo T 99, via YouTube. The unveiling took place at Potain’s self-erecting crane manufacturing site, located in Loire, France.

Known for its tower crane production, Potain designed and manufactured the Igo T 99 – a compact and easy-to-transport crane at 15.65 meters – with safety, quality and improvement as its driving forces. As the Igo T 99 is compatible with Potain’s existing 25-km/hr and 80-km/hr transport solutions, owners do not need to invest in new transport equipment.

Easy assembly and unfolding

Courtesy of Manitowoc.

The Igo T 99’s levelling systems, as well as the smart setup software on a handheld remote control, saves time and simplifies the assembly process, and further, allows for adaptability. The crane’s 38.5-meter height under hook makes the crane ideal for a  wide range of job sites.

Hydraulic technology allows a more efficient design, and reduces the number of moving parts required for the crane. The technology is further used to provide power and flexibility during the mast deployment phase, and later, simplifies the jib’s unfolding process, which is completed easily from ground level.

The crane comes with three 6-meter extension mast. At 15 meters the crane can lift 6-tonnes, which is its maximum load; at 45 meters, 1.5 tonnes; and at 48 meters, which is the crane’s maximum reach, 1.2 tonnes. With plenty of vertical reach, when the jib is raised to 30°, it can reach 56.5 meters. The crane can be easily moved into the maintenance position by lowering the jib tip to the ground. Featuring a maximized CCS load chart of +20 per cent, the DVF Optima distribution allows for the trolley to continue moving at high speeds.

For job site versatility, the Igo T 99 can work with six different jib lengths:

  • 31.7 meters
  • 32 meters (in a folded jib position)
  • 33.8 meters
  • 40 meters
  • 45 meters
  • 48 meters

The three additional mast sections added to the crane provide seven working heights that range from 20.5 meters to 38.5 meters.

Additionally, a hydraulic ballast derrick solution is also available, allowing for the each of the 2.2-tonne ballast slabs, to be installed independently. The slewing of the derrick is hydraulically-driven, and is controlled by the hand-held remote controls.

In total, the Igo T 99 has a total footprint of 4.5 meters by 4.5 meters, a slewing radius of 3 meters or 3.30 meters.

Ease of use

Courtesy of Manitowoc.

With comfort, safety and ease of use for operators in mind, the Igo T 99 features a new design for the electrical cabinet, which has a door that opens upward. This allows for the technician to work protected from any harsh environments or weather conditions. Additionally, the cab’s ultra-view and ergonomics offer operators optimum comfort and visibility.

To simplify maintenance and monitoring, the Igo T 99 is a ‘connected crane’ with Cranestar Diag, which allows for technicians to review the crane’s activity in real-time, make a remote diagnosis, and retrieve the necessary information for maintenance.

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