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Mammoet uses battery-powered technology for sustainable skidding operation

March 4, 2024  By CHC Staff

(Photo credit: Mammoet)

BRUSSELS – Mammoet has brought sustainable skidding solutions to a recent project with Belgium’s Stadsbader Contractors; lifting and skidding an 850-tonne concrete tunnel section with zero emissions.

For the project, Mammoet’s engineers combined existing skidding equipment with battery-powered technology to carry out operations 40 metres underneath railway lines near Brussels.

Precise calculations were needed to lift and skid the colossal tunnel section, which measured 25 metres by 8.5 metres. Additionally, the project had a tight deadline in order to accommodate train users prior to their Monday morning commute. Skidding procedures were completed in under an hour, 2.5 hours behind the estimated schedule.

Mammoet used a 1,460-kilogram electric Mobile Power Unit, powered by recycled batteries for a maximum capacity of 50kWh. This allowed operations to be carried out both free of emissions and off the grid. The battery can also be charged using solar energy.

The improved working environment received a positive response from the field experts working with these newly combined technologies.

“We have demonstrated that through innovative engineering and combining new and existing technology we have the ability to execute zero emission heavy lift projects for our customers – and that’s the future,” said Pascal Eeken, Manager Improvement and Innovation, Mammoet Europe.

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