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Linden Comansa announces new CUBE cab

January 23, 2018  By Linden Comansa

Combining a great look with productivity and comfort in a single product is not normally a simple task

Combining a great look with productivity and comfort in a single product is not normally a simple task, especially when it comes to construction machinery. However, the new CUBE cab in Linden Comansa’s tower cranes combines these three qualities, while bearing in mind that the cab is a work space and, as such, productivity should always be the No. 1 requirement.

Proper visibility of the site and the working area is assured from the front of the crane’s CUBE cab, all of which is made of glass, not only at the front but also on the sides and at the floor, and even at the roof when installed in luffing jib cranes. Thanks to the optimum visibility of the load and working area, the crane operator has greater control over the operations and the surrounding area, which also means greater safety.

In terms of the external appearance, the aim is a modern and innovative design that gives Linden Comansa’s cranes a distinctive look. Inside, all of the elements have been designed to convey warmth and comfort to the user, through their materials and good quality finishes.

The cube-shaped design of the cab with flat glass panes not only looks good, it also aims to make maximum use of the space, which is not possible with curved front panels or tilted windows. Thanks to this cube design, all of the elements of the cabin are distributed in a more intelligent way and there is extra space for operator ergonomics, and there is even room to comfortably fit a second person in the largest cab.

Linden Comansa’s cranes are operated across the world, so the design of the CUBE cab has taken into account extreme thermal requirements, both hot and cold. Facilitating maintenance was also one of the goals during the design of this work space. As a result, the window panes are easy to replace when necessary and they can be bought anywhere in the world as they do not require a mould.

The new cab will be available in two sizes, L and XL, and it comes as standard with most Linden Comansa cranes. The smaller range, i.e. the 11LC132 and 11LC90 models and the models from the LC500 range, will be keeping the current, smaller cab for now. The new L and XL cabs are slightly bigger than the current ones, so they cannot be installed on tower cranes that have already been delivered.

Linden Comansa’s new CUBE cab offers users a number of ergonomic benefits including: complete visibility of the working area; optimal access to the digital indicators and the multifunction touchscreen; improved positioning of the seat; and improved posture for the crane operator.

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