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Liebherr Intros Go-Anywhere LTM 1100-5.3 Mobile Crane

June 29, 2023  By Liebherr

Liebherr’s new LTM 1100-5.3 mobile crane is designed to be “the master of all roads” capable of driving on nearly any road without special permits thanks to its flexible axle loads and lightweight construction.

The five-axle LTM 1100-5.3 features a 203-foot telescopic boom and carries up to 37,250 pounds of counterweights with a 26,450-pound axle load on public roads.

When traveling with 1,760 pounds of counterweights, the crane weighs 94,800 pounds with axle loads of 19,840 pounds. With 9,700 pounds of counterweights, it can travel with 22,050 pounds of axle load and a total weight of 105,800 pounds. At an axle load of 26,450 pounds,  the 100-metric-ton crane can carry up to 37,250 pounds of counterweights.

Liebherr says 75% of the maximum counterweight, or 49,600 pounds, can be carried on the road with an axle load of 26,450 pounds, setting a new record for mobile cranes and saving truck transports of counterweights. Even with the maximum counterweights, the axle loads are 29,760 pounds.

The crane’s narrow 8-foot, 4-inch width makes navigating busy roads and construction sites easy. It is the only five-axle all-terrain crane to receive Cal-Trans approval, making it road-legal in the normal driving position, with the telescopic boom over the front in California.

Large working range

The LTM 1100-5.3 offers a 203-foot telescopic boom with an optional 31- to 53-foot folding jib that can be hydraulically adjusted between 0° and 40°. This enables the crane to achieve hoisting heights of up to 249 feet and radii of up to 210 feet. Other options include a 6-foot 7-inch assembly jib and a side-folding rooster sheave.

The VarioBase variable outrigger allows each outrigger to be extended to a different length to enhance safety in tight spaces and lifting capacity. The VarioBallast enables the ballast radius to be adjusted between 13 feet 1 inch and 16 feet 8 inches.

The new DynamicPerform clutch module on the TraXon gearbox transmits engine power via integrated disks that are cooled by oil circulation for “virtually wear-free starting and maneuvering without overheating.”

Upgraded cabs and control systems

Liebherr gave the LTM 1100-5.3 a new driver’s cab, operator’s cab and control system for improved performance and comfort.

The operator’s cab features a new multifunction steering wheel, side roller blind on the operator’s door, improved instruments and modules, and new displays. Optional features include a central locking system with a remote key and a “Coming and Leaving Home” function.

Both cabs feature a new automatic heating and air conditioning system. A sun sensor detects strong sunshine and automatically adjusts the settings.

The lighting packages for the crane cab, superstructure, rear of the vehicle, front headlights, lattice fly jib and telescopic boom have been improved and can be operated with LEDs.

The third generation of the LICCON (Liebherr Computed Control) system features the same operation as previous generations and adds a large new touchscreen display with simplified navigation, fast data bus, more storage space and greater computing power.

LICCON3 cranes are set up for telematics and fleet management. In the future, contractors will be able to view and evaluate all the data using the MyLiebherr customer portal, the company says.


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