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Jekko launches new JF545 V-Max

November 25, 2020  By Jekko

The new version of the JF545 articulated crawler crane has a jib fitting a wide range of tools whose operation require elevated quantity and pressure of oil such as an auger, a grapple saw or a clamshell bucket.

Features of the JF545 model

The V-Max version features all the characteristics of the JF545 standard model: multiple stabilization configurations, compact size for maximum accessibility in confined spaces, lifting capacity of 15.5 tons, combined with a 28-metre reach, elevated maximum operating height of 30 metres, triple articulated boom (when the jib is installed), removable counterweight, precise and smooth operation for the most delicate tasks. The use of all the options available for the JF545 is still possible: the work platform and the man basket, the vacuum manipulator for glazed panes and the winch, among many others.

The operator of a JF545 V-Max can choose from a wide range of applications. The standard model is already versatile and it easily adapts to manifold operational environments but the V-Max version allows for even more vast and varied applications: from its traditional use in constructions, industry, logistics and handling or laying in confined spaces to more innovative uses with the grapple saw such as in green areas maintenance.


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