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Demag AC 300-6 all terrain crane for Offshore Costruzioni Nautiche

October 21, 2019  By Demag

Oct. 21, 2019, Zweibrücken – “To be honest, we were actually thinking about getting a five-axle crane originally,” Roberto Buonomo, owner of Italian company Offshore Costruzioni Nautiche, explained as he picked up his Demag AC 300-6 in Zweibrücken together with his family.

The reason why he ended up getting a six-axle unit instead was crane operator Enzo Ferraiuolo, who kept dreaming of a Demag AC 300-6 at night and decided to tell his boss. In return, Roberto Buonomo decided to make his employee’s dream come true. The “dream crane” was handed over by Italian Demag team members Bruno Angaroni and Francesco Muratori together with their fellow German team member Oliver Noé.

However, the employee’s dream was not the real deciding factor when it came to the purchase. Instead, a rational decision-making process yielded the result.

“We make top-quality speedboats, and need the crane primarily for loading,” Roberto Buonomo reports. In order to find the ideal machine for the task, he had long conversations with crane specialists and went through countless comparisons. His choice ended up being the Demag AC 300-6, which, as far as he is concerned, is the best crane of its class.


“The thing that really sold me on the AC 300-6 is the fact that it can handle a lot of jobs as a taxi crane without an additional setup team, and that the IC-1 Plus control system enables it to tackle lifts that are beyond the reach of any other crane in its class,” he says, pointing out two crucial advantages. However, the crane’s compact design and comfortable handling were also important to him, as the space available when lifting speedboats is often extremely limited.

The Demag AC 300-6 also proved to be compelling in terms of cost-effectiveness: Since the crane will be able to handle most of the jobs planned for it without the need for additional counterweights, the corresponding transportation costs will also be lower – that explains why Roberto Buonomo was so excited about the Demag AC 300-6 and why his wife shared this enthusiasm. In fact, that is why she made absolutely sure to be the first person to take the six-axle unit for a spin at the Zweibrücken premises after the handover. Yes, even before her husband.

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