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Cranespotting: Hoist common tower in Ontario is an uncommon sight

November 8, 2021  By Kristina Urquhart

Hoist common tower at M City construction site in Mississauga, Ont. Photo: Oxford Builders

This hoist common tower flanking one of two planned M City condominiums in Mississauga, Ont. is catching attention for its material composition.

Rather than tying construction hoists in a row along the building face, a common tower houses up to six large hoists within one system, plus a staircase. Only one suite per building floor is needed to load in materials from multiple hoist cars.

Shane Dick, tower crane and hoist sales rep for Oxford Builders, says this is the first time a common tower erected with these specific materials has been used in Canada.

“Typically, a runback is tied through a unique custom design made of steel — i.e., scaffold or heavy legs — but in this system, it is a mix of aluminum and galvanized steel, making it lighter and easier to install,” explains Dick. “The tie-in points go from the edge of the concrete building out to the hoist way. This makes the floor access more level yet strong. If the builder wants to begin occupancy, they have an option to keep the hoists running while cutting off the floor access.”


Construction is expected to be completed on the M City site by August 2022.

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