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Cranes and cannabis: Truth vs myths

Dan Demers to present at the 2019 CRAC Conference

January 24, 2019  By Mike Turnbull CRAC Chairman

Dan Demers

Over the years, the CRAC Conference has built a reputation of showcasing some of the best expert speakers in the country and it is certainly the case for Dan Demers. The highest ranked speaker at the 2017 Conference, Dan is returning to once again, disrupt the industry, challenge company policies and provide some of the best health and safety tools in the industry.

Regardless of the size of your company, of it you are a crane rental company or supplier, this is a presentation that you will not want to miss. Dan will lead us through an entertaining and dynamic presentation and provide excellent takeaways and tools. 

What impact has the legalization have on your company? Dan will lead us through an entertaining and dynamic presentation with the following takeaways and tools:

• What: Cannabis Must Know & Truths vs Myths

  • Cannabis and safety
  • Impairment vs risk (what’s the difference?)
  • Alcohol vs cannabis (what’s the difference?)
  • Opiates vs cannabis (what’s the difference?)

• So What: The new legal landscape, Canadian workplace safety in the age of legal cannabis
o Industry Response
– Fitness for Duty Focus (Cannabis is a part of the whole)
– Industry response
– How is zero tolerance positions holding up?
o Regulatory Response
– Medical Cannabis: status, law (prohibited use), research, medical authority position statements (any emerging evidence or changes)
– Noteworthy new regulations that impact the workplace by province
– How is cannabis use being managed (public consumption)?

• Now What: Best Practices – What does a balance of interests look like in this new age?
o Overall pitfalls/landmines to avoid at all costs
o Policy and procedures
o Training and awareness
o Compliance and deterrence

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See you in Charlottetown!

Mike Turnbull

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