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World’s heaviest wheeled crane makes first lift

December 4, 2023  By CHC Staff

The XCA3000 in action (Photo credit: XCMG)

YINGKOU, China – XCMG’s XCA3000, the world’s largest-tonnage wheeled crane, completed its first lifting assignment at the Dashiqiao Xintai New Energy wind energy facility in Yingkou, located in China’s Liaoning Province.

The record-breaking machine was showcased in the hoisting of a 20-ton wind turbine with a length of 95 metres and a height of 107 metres, successfully docking it onto the turbine hub and installing it into place.

The XCA3000 was designed specifically for wind turbine hoists, with the goal of reducing wind turbine installations into a 30-minute operational window. According to XCMG, a 20 to 30 per cent reduction in installation time has been achieved by addressing common issues such as performance reduction at higher altitudes and limited space beneath turbine lifting hooks.

The model stands at 160 metres tall and features a 3,000-ton lifting capacity, currently the highest among existing wheeled cranes.

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