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The SIMOCRANE Crane Management System

August 29, 2023  By Siemens

The right information at the right time: SIMOCRANE Crane Management System (CMS) is the centerpiece visual representation for cranes. Siemens‘ CMS combines the best technology available for crane operators, maintenance crew and managers to collect and disclose important information at the right time.

Connecting relevant operating and diagnostic messages along with an easy- to-use interface, the system empowers the operator to efficiently manage the crane.

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Intuitive interface to optimize crane operation

Siemens‘ CMS graphic interface is intuitive, engaging and tightly aligned to the work objectives and workflow on a day-to-day basis. The icons and colors form a smart interface leading the users to their target in just a few steps, transforming complex data in simple information. Smart objects are used to obtain easy and fast detailed information of crane maintenance for scheduling replacement of components by the maintenance team.


CMS stores the crane data in an intelligent way enabling the operator to take fast actions, minimizing crane downtime and optimizing the crane operation. Thanks to the special SQL arrangement of data in tables, it is easy to extract the right information. Also it is possible to remotely access all this information by means of graphic representation via Remote Crane Management System – RCMS: a web-based remote overview of all cranes information management system.


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