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Terex Cranes Crossover 8000

May 29, 2018
By Terex Cranes
Terex Cranes Crossover 8000

Designed for excellent performance over a broad range of applications, the Crossover 8000 crane’s four-section main boom offers a 126-ft. (38m) length with a 189-ft. (57.6m) maximum tip height. Two available jib designs – fixed length 33 ft. (10m) and extendable  to 57 ft. (17m) – offer 0-, 15- and 30-degree offset positions, providing easier reach when lifting over objects. With a rated 80 US t (72.5 t) lift capacity at a 10-ft. (3m) radius, the crane provides the strong lift capacity.

The X-pattern outrigger positioning also eliminates the need for the front stabilizer jack, typically required for boom cranes to counteract the weight of the engine when lifting. This decreases overall crane length and weight. The crane’s three-position outrigger – minimum 6.5-ft (2.0m), middle 19-ft, 9.3 in. (5.9m), and maximum 26-ft. (7.9m) position span – allows the Crossover 8000 to be used in confined spaces and further enhances crane maneuverability

With speeds in excess of 70 mph (113 kmh), the Crossover 8000 quickly moves from job to job at highway speeds. Once on site, the crane is designed to deliver quick leveling and set up with its independently controlled outriggers and jib that quickly swings and pins into position.


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