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Skycrane lands on bed of pickup after landing gear detaches

June 16, 2023  By Mark Huber / AIN

An Erickson S-64E Skycrane heli-logging in Port Douglas, B.C., used the bed of a pickup truck for support after its right main landing gear detached while entering a hover.

According to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, the right main landing gear oleo and strut assembly “decoupled from the helicopter;”  as the gear fell to the ground in the service landing area without damage to equipment or personnel.

The helicopter’s two-man crew performed a light landing using the nose and left main gear to onboard more fuel while keeping the right main gear housing off the ground. Flight and ground crews communicated and coordinated their actions via radio and hand signals. A pickup truck was then maneuvered into the place of the decoupled landing gear and the pilot landed the right gear housing structure into the bed of the vehicle.

(with files from AIN)

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