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New Tadano AC 7.450-1 all terrain crane for Welti-Furrer

August 9, 2022  By Tadano

Ask Welti-Furrer Fleet Manager Amos Dubacher, and he will tell you that the Tadano AC 7.450-1 has a lot going for it – and not just the fact that its status as a powerful seven-axle unit enables it to perfectly close the gap between the 350-tonne and 600-tonne cranes in the Swiss crane service provider’s fleet.

“The AC 7.450-1 also represents the latest state of the art in every sense of the word. And this gives it a series of advantages that no other crane in this class can offer as a whole when it comes to our needs,” Amos Dubacher underscores.

The company’s most recent acquisition was handed over by Tadano Sales Manager Michael Zieger.

When listing the crucial advantages behind the AC 7.450-1, the Swiss crane experts immediately point to its extremely compact design and the fact that it combines a low transport weight with the ability to carry out an extremely wide range of heavy lifts without additional accessories. “And that’s just two of the advantages. Another vital one, for example, is the fact that the AC 7.450-1 can be set up extremely quickly,” says Amos Dubacher.

Welti-Furrer will be using its new Tadano AC 7.450-1 primarily to erect tower cranes and install prefab concrete elements, and the crane’s aforementioned compact design is expected to be invaluable in this context – especially at tight work sites in urban environments. The Swiss crane experts also point out that the luffing jib’s ease and speed of assembly will literally pay for itself, as will the fact that the outriggers only need to be pinned during road travel and not when set up. “All this saves time and makes using this crane particularly cost-effective,” Amos Dubacher points out.

The team at Welti-Furrer also considers the one-of-a-kind Tadano Surround View camera system, which shows both the maximum possible extension lengths for the outriggers and the counterweight tailswing radius, to be an important advantage behind the AC 7.450-1. In fact, Surround View makes it significantly easier to optimally position the crane at work sites. And with the innovative IC‑1 Plus crane control system, the crane is able to always take full advantage of its available lifting capacity even at tight work sites where asymmetrical outrigger configurations need to be used.

A perfect crane for the storied Swiss company

The team at Welti-Furrer values every single one of these features on the Tadano AC 7.450‑1. This should come as no surprise, as the storied Swiss company is known for repeatedly tackling the toughest work site conditions out there, whether it be in the middle of the Swiss Alps while erecting a wind turbine or in high-traffic urban environments where space is extremely scarce. “This means that all the advantages behind the new Tadano AC 7.450-1 make it the perfect fit for our portfolio and will enable us to offer our customers even better solutions no matter how complex the project,” Amos Dubacher explains, not without a glint of pride in his eyes when mentioning his company’s broad range of activities.

After all, the crane and transportation specialist that was founded in 1838 and has six regional locations throughout Switzerland is an industry-leading full-service provider of private and company relocation services and art, construction, and heavy-cargo logistics services. These services range from consulting and planning, through implementation and performance, all the way to transportation. For this purpose, Welti-Furrer relies on a high-performance fleet featuring state-of-the-art mobile cranes with lifting capacities of 30 to 600 tonnes. These include not only the new AC 7.450-1, but also eight additional Tadano and Demag cranes in the form of a TC 2800-1 lattice boom crane, one AC 200-1, two AC 350-6 and two AC 250-5 all-terrain cranes, and an AC 55 and an AC 60 City crane, with the latter two having undergone a full overhaul recently so that they will be able to continue delivering their usual powerful performance for many years to come.

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