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EMH launches single leg semi-gantry crane

September 14, 2023  By Engineered Material Handling

Engineered Material Handling (EMH) has launched a new single leg semi-gantry crane that’s designed to transfer loads between workstations and free up overhead cranes for other tasks.

It has a 10-ton capacity, while the poly wheel design eliminates the need for built-in floor rails, which EMH says reduces costs and improving floor safety.

The company adds that “proven EMH crane components complement the system.”

The crane integrates the EMH EG hoist, which has capacities of 3.0t, 5.0t, 7.5t and 10t, and 20ft, 33ft, 50ft and 65ft lifts. EG Series hoists are available in monorail and double-girder models.


EMH added: “Instead of having various lengths of dead end supports, [one size fits three lift ranges:] 20ft, 33ft and 50ft. The EG Series also offers a variety of specialised hoist options including variable frequency hoisting. A smooth acting rope guide tracks on a bar independent of the hoist frame to eliminate possible damage.”

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