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CCRA technical committee initiatives gain traction and visibility

September 12, 2023  By Don Horne

The Canadian Crane Rental Association (CCRA) has experienced exponential membership growth this year and much of it may have had to do with increase visibility of the Technical Committee initiatives, states Claire Bélanger-Parker, Executive Director of the association.

According to Bélanger-Parker, the CCRA Technical Committee has formed a team of highly specialized engineers and industry experts who analyze industry requests for information to tackle any industry request; one of the association’s several sub-committees formed to expedite access to critical information and provide solutions for various topics.

The current technical sub-committees include:

  • CSA-Z150;
  • CSA-Z248;
  • Rotating Telehandlers;
  • Weights & Dimensions (formally Boom Dolly Research Committee);
  • Cranes working near power lines; and
  • Lighting cranes near airports.

As members of the International Crane Stakeholders Assembly, the CCRA has delegated technical experts who collaborate on international technical task forces with crane industry experts from around the world.


“The association has been through major changes these past years and these changes are paying off,” says Shannon Moir-Riendeau, Chair of the Board of Directors. “The Technical Committee is now in position to actively participate in the development of industry policies and regulations.”

If you are interested in joining the CCRA or learning more about the Technical Committee, visit or send an email to

The Technical Committee is led by Paul Walchuk, President of Kova Engineering. Committee members include Ryan Burton, Managing Partner at Bigfoot Crane Company, Jean-Louis Lapointe, IUOE Local 905, Eugene Reed, Shop Manager, Myshak Crane & Rigging Ltd, Lance Rydbom, Reginal Business Manager, Tadano America, and Julien Raby, Engineering Manager, Irving Equipment Ltd.

A representative from the Crane Rental Association of Ontario (CRAO) will soon be named by the CRAO Board to join this initiative.

Darin Richards, past President of Red Associates Engineering Ltd., now Vice-President of Regulatory Affairs with Kova Engineering, provides support to the TC’s coordination efforts. Over 30 subject matter experts currently contribute to the CCRA technical committees.

“We want to know what our members think are the most pressing issues for the crane rental industry in Canada,” says Paul Walchuk. “Only then we can take action to support them.”


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