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Bigfoot introduces Twilight Pad, Guardian Pad and Big Grip

March 28, 2023  By Bigfoot Construction Equipment

Bigfoot Construction Equipment Inc. is an American family owned and operated business.  We are the only major manufacturer of outrigger pads in both Custom Composite and Wood.

Custom Composite Outrigger Pads come in stock sizes from 12” to 60” in thicknesses of 1-4 inches, as well as custom sizes.  Bigfoot is continually creating new products to meet the customer’s specialized needs.

Our latest products include Twilight Pad, Guardian Pad, Big Grip, Slide Pads, Pole Puller plates, stop bar and boot style pads.  We also make custom composite cribbing and wood cribbing.

Bigfoot can customize the pads by engraving your logo, company name, phone number or other information into them, adding a marketing benefit.


All our Custom Composite Outrigger Pads are made in the USA with materials that are made in the USA!  Our Custom Composite Outrigger Pads carry a Lifetime Guarantee.   “You break it, we’ll replace it!”

We have two types of wood pads. Premium Baltic Birch Outrigger Pads which are a light and durable hardwood that last up to 10 years with typical use.  Premium Baltic Birch Outrigger Pads are made in stock sizes ranging from 18” to 48” as well as custom sizes.  Southern Yellow Pine ECONO Wood Outrigger Pads are made in 18” or 24” sizes.

We provide light, medium and heavy-duty portable ground mats to protect your job site and personnel working on uneven ground, muddy work sites and protect landscape from damage by heavy equipment.

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