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Update on the Alberta ATC Pilot Project amendment

February 18, 2022  By Crane & Hoist Canada staff


Following the announcement regarding the Amendment to the Alberta All-Terrain Pilot Project, the Crane Rental Association of Canada (CRAC) has provided an update on what the changes mean for its members.

The following information is for companies operating in Alberta to prepare their teams. Moving forward, information regarding the initiative, will be limited to Western Canada.

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What the amendment means for companies operating in Alberta:

The axles weights approved for the first year of the Pilot Project are now allowed with dolly.

The dolly remains at the current restricted weights. When possible, travel boom over front without dolly. The Alberta Travis System will be updated to reflect these weights.


Spring Ban:

  • 3 axles go from 7,900 kg to 9,500 kg with dolly
  • 4 axles go from 7,700 kg to 9,500 kg with dolly
  • 5+ axles go from 7,600 kg to 9,500 kg with dolly


  • 3 axles go from 9,400 kg to 10,500 kg with dolly
  • 4 axles go from 9,200 kg to 10,500 kg with dolly
  • 5+ axles go from 9,000 kg to 10,500 kg with dolly


  • 3 axles go from 9,800 kg to 11,500 kg with dolly
  • 4 axles go from 9,600 kg to 11,500 kg with dolly
  • 5+ axles go to 9,400 kg to 11,500 kg with dolly


What is expected from industry?

To accurately measure the impact of the Pilot Project Amendment, we need crane rental companies and crane owners to gather information to support the importance of the change. Your information will be treated in confidentiality and will remain anonymous. We also need everyone to comply.

Take account of last year’s expenses from the beginning of the Spring ban 2021 to Winter 2021. As well, track and compile the following information:

  • Permit Costs
  • Insurance Costs
  • Staffing Costs
  • Fuel Costs
  • The number of loads required to get acrane to the location (counter weight, boom, etc)
  • Amount or type of non-divisible loads (outrigger beams, winches, toolboxes, etc)
  • Delays or impacts to obtaining a single trip permit (legitimate issues such as additional staff, delays to project)
  • Incidents and near misses
  • Challenges, delays or issues with Municipalities when off the Provincial Road network (When, where, how, permit number if available)
  • An assessment of the time saved installing/removing attachments

Then, report comparative changes with each season.

“We know this is not a perfect science but help us help you,” CRAC said in an update. “If these changes are important to you, we need you to track information to demonstrate the impact these changes have on industry.”


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