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Unique product portfolio for construction machinery: Grammer seats and accessories at ConExpo 2023

March 15, 2023  By Grammer

ConExpo in Las Vegas is the largest construction machinery show in Northern America. From March 14-18, 2023, Grammer AG will be present at stand W43345 (West Hall), cementing its status as an international innovation leader and systems supplier for ergonomic seating systems and vehicle control systems. Highlights include the world’s first six-way control pod carrier ErgoPlus as well as headrest loudspeakers and other products improving the interface between the vehicle, the seat and the user. With several aftermarket seats which can be ordered today, customer expectations will also be met to optimum effect at the sales show.

“ConExpo is the perfect opportunity for us as one of the leading manufacturers of construction machinery seats to meet face-to-face with customers and users in the important North American market,” said Dr. Andreas Diehl, President Division Commercial Vehicles, Grammer AG. “We will be showing them safe, comfortable and sustainable products that improve sitting comfort in construction machinery. In addition to the first six-way control pod carrier for top ergonomics, we will also be displaying an audio headrest that, among other things, can be used to communicate safety messages comprehensibly. We also have a haptic warning system for heightened safety and new, sustainable cover options in our product range for ConExpo.”

Worldwide unique adaptability – Grammer’s ErgoPlus

The ErgoPlus control pod carrier features maximum comfort and ergonomics, allowing the driver to adjust the armrests six ways – forward/back, up/down, tilt left/right. This adaptability, which is unique in the world, is of particular benefit for machinery in which the operator moves hydraulic control levers or joysticks with both hands for hours on end, for example in excavators. Regardless of their size, stature and arm length, drivers can always work in maximum comfort and thus with full concentration free of fatigue and back strain. ErgoPlus is based on a modular platform and can thus be used in a wide variety of vehicle classes and applications worldwide. An easy-entry function, in which the door-side armrest can be folded up completely, is also available for ErgoPlus.

Audio headrest: Top sound at the construction site

No matter whether they are used for emitting safety-relevant audio signals, for communicating with colleagues or perhaps simply for a little entertainment while on the job, the loudspeakers built into the headrest and supplemented with a microphone ensure optimum intelligibility and top sound quality whenever things get noisy on the construction site. Known as the Audio Headrest, it is available from Grammer in numerous versions for different construction machinery seats, including in systems produced in a partnership with premium manufacturer Harman.

The right seat for every type of construction machinery

Proper seating for construction machinery is not only a question of comfort but also of safety and ergonomics. Operators usually spend several hours in the machinery without any interruption. At the same time, they must remain focused at all times in the noisy and demanding construction site environment. Whether operating an excavator, a dumper, a compact wheel loader or machinery on rollers, the aim is always to create the best possible working conditions by offering the right seat and the appropriate features. In Las Vegas, Grammer will be showcasing seats from the MSG95, MSG97, MSG285 and MSG75 series. The focus is on the modular principle: Regardless of whether they need a short or a long backrest – combined with various upgrade options – customers can configure the seat that meets their requirements perfectly.

Grammer innovations creating the ideal workplace

The other highlights in Grammer’s range support not only safety but also comfort in construction machinery:

Haptic Warning by means of two vibration motors integrated into the seat surface. They can be activated individually or together and controlled by various vehicle sensors/warning systems.

Water-repellent covers are particularly easy to clean and regulate the temperature for top comfort.

Olive leather: Environmentally friendly, as natural olive-based tanning agents are used instead of chemical ones.

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