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Trio of Potain tower cranes supports Trilogy Limassol Seafront project

June 19, 2019  By Manitowac

June 19, 2019, Limassol, Cyprus – Two Potain MDT 269 J12s and one MDT 389 L16 tower crane are helping to construct the Trilogy Limassol Seafront in Limassol, Cyprus.

The project comprises three, 170 metre high luxury apartment towers, together with work and relaxation spaces.

Contractor Cybarco, part of Lanitis Group, reached out to local Potain dealer Uniplant to provide the most suitable cranes for the job, as well as ongoing project support.

“Cybarco required fast, robust and reliable tower cranes that would reach heights of at least 180 m and span the radius of the entire jobsite,” said Demetris Karpis, manager director of Uniplant. “They also need to be able to lift heavy loads and match the demanding requirements of the project. The MDT 269 J12 and the MDT 389 L16 are well-suited in this regard.”

To meet Cybarco’s specific requirements, Uniplant enlisted the help of Potain’s expert design engineers to make several preliminary studies. This was aided by Manitowoc export sales and key account manager Sabino Riefoli. The studies ensured the tower cranes could cover whole site logistics, and also that they had strong load charts and were efficient and precise when working at great height.

To reduce erection costs and site disruption during the super elevation stages, the Potain engineers also advised using reinforced masts and anchorage frames. Cybarco took this advice on board and will require fewer building anchorages, as well as benefit from higher freestanding heights as a result, providing more working space as the buildings grow.

Making short work of a big job

Now in position on site, the erection and maintenance of the cranes is being carried out by skilled Uniplant technicians, as well as Potain’s expert engineers.

The first MDT269 J12 is positioned in between the towers and will finally reach 181.3 m height under hook. It has a 50 m jib and is capable of lifting 12,000 kg at 17 m and 4,500 kg at the jib end. The second MDT269 J12 is erected on the east side of the towers and will finally reach 176.3 m height under hook. It has a 45 m jib and is capable of lifting 12,000 kg at 17 m and 5,100 kg at the jib end. The MDT389 L16 is erected on the west side of the towers. It will reach 171.6 m height under hook and has a 45m jib. Being the strongest of the three cranes, it is capable of lifting 16,000 kg at 20 m and 8,000 kg at the jib end.

All three cranes are equipped with high-visibility cabins and operating cameras, making the job of the tower crane operator safe and efficient. The cranes are also equipped with the Potain Top Tracing System, which allows the cranes to communicate and avoid any possibility of collisions.

Finally, each crane comes with a hydraulic erection cage, making the erection and super elevation stages faster and saving costs on mobile cranes for assistance.

When complete, the Trilogy Limassol Seafront will provide 196 apartments and 52 offices.

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