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RESCON applauds government decision to allow work to proceed on all Ontario construction sites

May 19, 2020  By Newswire

Vaughan, Ont. – The Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON) applauded the announcement by the provincial government allowing work to proceed on all construction sites, including new housing projects in the residential sector, as of May 19.

“Allowing all residential construction to proceed in Ontario as of next week will have a tremendously positive impact on the economic recovery of the province as well as ensuring that housing is provided for thousands of Ontarians,” said RESCON president Richard Lyall. “It will be critical that the municipal development and building review, permitting and inspection process support the industry’s efforts. RESCON and others are engaged in identifying enhanced performance standards and related innovations that will help in this effort.

“I am proud of our sector for successfully navigating through the early stages of the pandemic and continuing to deliver homes for the people of this province,” added Lyall. “We commend the leadership and thoughtful approach by the Ford government as it addresses the opening up of the province. The economic recovery will not be without its challenges, but the residential construction industry will continue to do its best to ensure that the Ontario economy is firing on all cylinders as quickly and safely as possible.”

RESCON led the early development and implementation of COVID-19 protocols for residential construction sites, which was a crucial element in most of the sector being designated as an essential workplace. Going forward, public health and the health and safety of workers will continue to be paramount for the industry.

“Our industry health and safety has always been and will remain our industry’s top concern,” said Andrew Pariser, RESCON vice president. “The proactive and stringent measures that our sector implemented on-site during COVID have been successful. Our rapid response and across-the-board implementation has kept workers safe. We will continue to adhere to Ministry of Labour health and safety guidelines and remain vigilant addressing issues before they become hazards.”

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