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September 1, 2022  By Don Horne

The winning submission from Michael Demelo, Oxford Builders Supplies Photo credit: ryxpyx Ryk Stryland

It was a tough choice picking the winner of our Cover Photo contest, but we finally chose…

We had an amazing response from Crane & Hoist Canada magazine readers for our 2022 Cover Photo contest, and you made it very tough for us to choose a winner.

Like any good editor, I passed the buck to someone else to decide, turning to our magazine design team to select the best photo to grace our Sept/Oct cover.

After a lot of deliberation and back and forth (trust me, there were more than a few photos that could have made it), we finally agreed on a winner to grace our cover: Michael Demelo’s high above the clouds submission from Oxford Builders Supplies.

We want to thank the following for their excellent contributions:

  • Aaron Cromarty, Cambie Forming Ltd.;
  • Rachelle Guernette, Sterling Crane;
  • Marc-André Martineau, Premium Groupe Industriel;
  • Ryan Long, A W Leil Cranes & Equipment;
  • Thomas Moore, CRS Crane Systems Inc.;
  • Jordan Friesen, DeKoning Innovations / IRONCO Enterprises;
  • Will Robinson, Easy Green Yard;
  • Jordan Couse, National Crane Services Incorporated;
  • Michael Demelo, Oxford Builders Supplies;
  • Manbir Bharj, Guelph, Ont.;
  • Jamie MacKinnon, Sling Choker;
  • Mike Ryane, Premier Crane & Services Ltd.;
  • Sabrina Christie, Phoenix Truck & Crane;
  • James Kampen, Leavitt Cranes;
  • Claire Gjertsen, Kristian Electric Ltd.;
  • Derek Rauch, Vertical Crane;
  • Roland Noestler, Liebherr; and
  • Steve Parr, Atlas Polar Company Ltd.

Enjoy these submissions. We will be posting these in a series in the days to come, as there are just so many!

Aaron Cromarty of Cambie Forming Ltd., B.C.
When:     6/9/2022
Where:    Burnaby B.C.
Project:   56-storey residential tower by Concord Pacific
Model:    2021 Liebherr 280 HC-L 12/24

Photo credit: Hawkeye Heli Video and Liebherr.


Rachelle Guernette, Sterling Crane
Where:    Alberta
Project:   All Terrain getting ready to head out on a job
Model:    LTM1400


Marc-André Martineau of Premium Groupe Industriel (4 submissions)
Where:    Chibougamau, Que.
Project:   Chantiers Chibougamau plant

Beauce Atlas

Canam structal



Ryan Long, A W Leil Cranes & Equipment (2 submissions)
When:     May 2022
Where:    Trans Canada Hwy Rte 104, near Middle Brook, N.S.
Project:   Lifting bridge girders for a new a bridge as a part of the highway twinning project
Model:    660T Demag CC2800NT Crawler Crane

Overhead view of the girders.


Thomas Moore, CRS Crane Systems Inc. (3 submissions)
When:     12/22/2016
Where:    Northern B.C.
Project:   Mining project in Northern British Columbia
Model:    15 Tonne 28 m span with standby heaters

When:     7/15/2014
Where:    British Columbia
Project:   Overhead crane supplied to a shipbuilding facility in B.C.
Model:    15 Tonne 64 foot span

When:     12/10/2016
Where:    Southern United States
Project:   Mining project in the southern U.S.
Model:    10 Ton 29-foot span gantry crane


Jordan Friesen, DeKoning Innovations / IRONCO Enterprises
When:     4/6/2022
Where:    Detroit, Mich.
Project:   The crew pictured is using a 12 Ton lifting bridle, to efficiently offload prefabricated walls at a construction site.
The I-Lift Lifting Bridle is designed, and manufactured at IRONCO Enterprises near Neepawa, Man. The customer was Ennova Facades Inc, and Contract Glaziers, near Windsor Ont.
Model:    I-Lift 12 Ton Lifting Bridle


Will Robinson, Easy Green Yard
When:     5/3/2022
Where:    Oliver, B.C.
Project:   Soil delivery using cubic yard bags (bulk bags) below a finished rock wall on the shore of Tuc-el-nuit, Lake Oliver, B.C.
Model:    HIAB 200C


Jordan Couse, National Crane Services Incorporated
When:     3/23/2021
Where:    P&H Moosomin, Sask.
Project:   Replacing a motor.
Model:    Gmk135


Michael Demelo, Oxford Builders Supplies
When:     10/28/2019
Where:    Toronto, Ont.
Project:   It was construction of the commercial tower at 81 Bay Street in Toronto.
Model:    Climb CTL630 Crane

The winning submission from Michael Demelo, Oxford Builders Supplies.
Photo credit: ryxpyx Ryk Stryland

Look for more of our photo contest entries next week in a follow-up article right here on Crane & Hoist Canada.

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