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Manitowoc launches newest slewing crane

April 30, 2021  By Andrew Snook

Photo: Manitowoc

Manitowoc held a virtual event on April 30 celebrating the launch of its latest slewing crane, the Potain MDT 489.

The high-capacity topless crane will be available in two versions: 20-tonne and 25-tonne models.

The crane features an 80-metre jib (up to 3.5t at 80 metres); and an 85-metre free standing height. It is built with a new high performance hoisting winch, the 110HPL; the CCS control system; and comes with the CraneSTAR crane asset management system, which offers up-to-date crane fleet information, including monitoring capabilities for locations and working conditions; maintenance planning; and lifting schedules.

The MDT 489 is largely intended for the North American market. At Manitowoc’s Shady Grove, Penn. facility, sales director Steve Johnson stated that the company will begin receiving the new model later this year.


“The 400-class crane is a staple of tower crane rental fleets in the U.S. For this reason, our customers actively participated in the voice of customers for this product. We wanted to make sure that our customers were going to get the crane they wanted and needed,” Johnson said. “As a result, our customers are anxiously awaiting the introduction of this crane.”

“We’ve already received orders for the MDT 489. We’re looking forward to seeing the first machines arrive in the second half of 2021.”

The unit is designed for compact transport requiring only nine containers for optimized packaging and can be assembled in a maximum of two days.

Laurent Siebert, technical inspector for Manitowoc with 30 years of experience at the company, says the MDT 489 is quick and easy to erect.

“As a technician, you see the benefit of the whole evolution of this type of crane. It’s a 400-ton machine that can be erected like a small machine,” he says.

The virtual event was ended with a brief message from Thibaut Le Besnerais, vice-president of brand and product management at Manitowoc, who said that the launch of a new product is always a very special moment for the company.

“It’s the culmination of hard work and where both internal and external resources were deeply involved. The teams were focused on targets which were simple but ambitious – innovation, compliance to the product specifications, respect of the timelines and costs without any compromise on quality. When all steps are achieved, then the product launch can take place,” he said. “This success is the reward for the whole team and the company’s pride of seeing how equipment all over the world constructing buildings and infrastructure for future generations.”

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