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Lombarda Noleggi goes higher thanks to the new XTJ 52 plus series

July 8, 2019  By Palazanni

July 8, 2019 – Lombarda Noleggi has expanded its fleet of Spider Lifts with the new Spider Lift XTJ 52+, highest Palazzani range model.

“Our experience with high Palazzani Spider Lifts began years ago with the purchase of Ragno XTJ 43. The result of the partnership between the two companies was very positive, both in terms of use of the purchased machines and in terms of versatility for different types of jobs / rental applications,” says Mr. Monti, owner of Lombarda Noleggi.

“It is precisely for this reason that we wanted to improve and include the Ragno XTJ 52+ in our fleet. We choose this model configured with the hydraulic winch lifting 500 kg: an accessory that we hope will allow us to perform other types of jobs / rental applications and to offer a wider range of services.”

A few days after delivery, XTJ 52+ was already in action for the maintenance of antennas.

Actually, there’s a strong demand for Spider Lifts in the telephony. With the next generation 5G networks, there will be a revolution that will change how we think about connectivity for home, enterprises and automotive. Lombarda Noleggi will be ready to these new needs with the Ragno XTJ 52+.

Ragno XTJ 52+ was delivered in crawler version and the Bi-energy power option – diesel engine + electric motor, to be suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. The Spider Lift worked for the first whole day inside a hangar powered by the electric motor. This platform is also equipped with hydraulic winch lifting 500 kg, 400 kg capacity and Palconnect Kit.

Belonging to the new Plus Series models, XTJ 52+ grants:

– Speed: important increase of the operational efficiency, the innovative system increases the speed of the machine during aerial work.
– Precision: high precision of aerial movements
– efficiency: thanks to the extremely fluid movements, there’s a remarkable energy saving and optimization of working times.
– Safety: with the installation of the Easy Drive, which permits that the two crawlers travelling at the same speed.
– Comfort: thanks to the “Return to Home” function
– Interconnected: with the PALConnect kit, which offers a remote connection service with the Aerial Platform. With this “ready to go” kit, the operator can record and control some of the main parameters of the machine. Thanks to a user-friendly web cloud technology, the operator interconnects with the machines through any device (PC, tablet, smartphone).

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