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Equipment spotlight: Log lifting

November 22, 2021  By Andrew Snook

Missed our primer on the latest in log handling equipment? Check it out here, and read on below for our companion guide on log-lifting machines.

John Deere

The purpose-built G-Series Forestry Swing Machines are available in crawler log loader or forestry excavator configurations, able to integrate with valve-in-head and live heel log grapples, processing heads, and bucket and thumb combinations.

Excellent access, egress, visibility, operator protection, and comfort can be achieved in both the low side-entry cab and the elevated rear-entry cab options. The cab-forward riser option on the 2156G, 2656G and 3156G moves the operator 17 inches forward, and the increased tractive effort on the 2156G and 2656G helps overcome steep terrain.


Doosan road builder models provide forestry customers with the ability to pioneer tracts of land more efficiently due to the larger sizes and increased productivity. For example, the DX300LL-5 road builder provides customers with more reach and the ability to pair the machines with larger buckets for enhanced performance and clearing abilities.


Road builders are often the first forestry machines onsite before work begins on a new tract of land. They clear trees and build roads to make a path for other forestry equipment to reach the trees scheduled to be harvested. To complete the clearing work, road builders are regularly outfitted with quick couplers, buckets and thumbs (clamps). Forestry cabs are available in areas that require them.


A purpose-built logger, the Tigercat 865 will offer many advantages over excavator conversions, including better service access, stronger swing torque and superior operator visibility. The Tigercat FPT N67 engine delivers 165 kW (221 hp) at 1,900 rpm. The 865 logger can be configured as a loader with boom options for various grapple types, or as a high capacity processor, capable of running large harvesting heads in demanding duty cycles. Dual swing drives will provide ample torque and speed for high-performance loading or processing.

Service access has been carefully thought out with the ability to step down into the centre of the machine for clear, unobstructed access to the engine and daily service points. Large enclosure doors and a spring assist side service platform provide a large, stable work area for performing maintenance on hydraulic components and changing filters.

A large cast counterweight provides excellent stability with a swing-out door that allows access to the engine from the rear of the machine. The rear entry elevated cab, full-length front window, and additional floor windows provide superior visibility with clear sightlines. LED lighting and the rearVIEW camera system further augment operator visibility.

Integral Equipment

B.C.-based Integral Equipment supplies the Alpine Shovel Yarder and Alpine Grapple Carriage to North America. Although new to North America, the Alpine product line has been thoroughly tested globally. The latest model is a two-drum interlock mounted on an excavator.

This swinging yarder system can yard 450 m with a 3/4-inch superswage haulback and mainline, without the need of guy lines. The Alpine winches drive system is what sets it apart.

Winch technology provides smooth lift, high speeds and braking without producing excessive hydraulic heat and wear and tear. Matched with one of the Alpine Grapples, this yarder is a very mobile productive steep slope solution.


Mounted on fixed single pedestal mount or large dual post mount, the Tanguay’s Electrical Knuckle Boom Loaders and Rail Trolley loaders are extremely efficient and economical to handle logs, chips or various materials. The mobile Tanguay rail trolley is offered to expand working range and increase mill flexibility.

The Tanguay PL350 and PL350-HD comes with an extra-large ergonomic cab with plenty of room to install mill input and outputs screens and controls. The electrical system is available for worldwide electrical services. Experienced engineering team, custom booms design and a proven record of reliability, low operating cost and long life to optimize mill in-feed and maximize production.

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