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Editorial: Celebrate Canada’s Top 10 Under 40!

October 25, 2019  By Jayson Koblun

Let me introduce myself: I am Crane & Hoist Canada’s new editor. Jay, Jayson, or Jace. Either one works for me and I’ll happily respond to whichever you like best. Give me a shout.

I’ve been on the Crane & Hoist team for five months now and attended two conferences. And I must say, there is a lot to learn in the world of heavy lifting and cranes. Seriously. A lot. Nothing new to our readers, but my ‘barely-skimmed-the-surface’ crash course so far has included: different types of cranes and their specific roles, job-site safety, ethical hacking, cannabis on the job site, various tech trends, indigenous relationships, and lastly — obviously no sarcasm — how fantastic and easy it is to work with millennials in 2019.

My background is not in cranes, hoists, or heavy lifting, but journalism and a short stint as an aluminum welder. Not entirely related to each other but what I learned from those two jobs was that teamwork is one of the most important parts to a successful workplace. Whether in an office, weld shop, or at a crane construction site, everybody has a role, and a really important one at that.


Which is exactly why we chose the last issue of our year to highlight 10 outstanding individuals across the country as Canada’s Top 10 Under 40 who made significant contributions to the industry before their 40th birthdays. We’ve found some of the country’s best and brightest crane operators, software developers, project managers, sales managers and trainers. We hope you celebrate with them alongside the team here at Crane and Hoist.

You’ll also find in this issue a list of the top 2019 rigging jobs of the year, the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association’s Crane and Rigging Workshop that was held in Glendale, Ariz., a few really cool lift projects currently underway across the country, company case studies, and a lot more relevant heavy lifting content for you to sink your teeth into. Our next issue is going to be celebrating our 10th year as a publication! So please reach out to me at and let me know some of your favourite past articles, topics covered, or any ideas that you think might help us celebrate 10 years delivering content for our readers.

It’s been a great last few months and I’ve really learned a lot. My biggest lesson learned so far — tower cranes don’t just miraculously appear overnight.

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