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Eco Log’s forwarder crane tip control is here

June 6, 2023  By Eco Log

Eco Log Tip Control, ETC, is introduced on Eco Log’s forwarder models 574F, 584F and 594F. Eco Log’s crane tip control system is developed in collaboration with Epsilon, where focus has been on developing a robust, reliable and service friendly driver support that also is intelligent and therefore adapts and develops itself as you use it.

Emil Forsblom, head of product development at Eco Log, is certain that the crane tip control system will be welcomed by the customers and that it will be a big asset in their daily work.

“It feels great to be able to offer our customers crane tip control on our forwarder models. That way we can facilitate and make their working day easier and more comfortable and at the same time give them the conditions for a more efficient and productive work,” says Forsblom.

The strengths of ETC are several, where Eco Log has focused on optimizing the function and placement of the sensors to make sure that the system works in the best possible way for the operator and to ensure a smoother and more precise crane movement and position. As an operator you can easily choose if the crane tip control should be activated or if you rather operate the crane manually with your regular settings.

“This is a big advantage that allows the operator to be flexible and to adapt the work to different situations and conditions. Also, you can avoid unnecessary down-time, for example if the crane tip control system is in need of servicing. Then you can operate the crane manually just as usual until a service technician arrives,” Forsblom explains.

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