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Don’t forget Global Lifting Awareness day 2020

July 6, 2020  By Jay Koblun

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The lifting industry is celebrating Global Lifting Awareness Day on July 9 with a social media campaign to raise awareness of high-quality lifting practices. Everybody is invited to participate in the social media blitz.

Organized by the U.K. industry group Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), the July 9 event, aka, GLAD, has four key targets.

  • – Where is the next generation of the workforce going to come from?
  • – Remind end users that high-value matters.
  • – Remind stakeholders and health and safety officials that the lifting industry matters.
  • – COVID-19: celebrate and highlight the successes of industry players.

“There’s a concern right now globally as to where the next generation of the workforce is going to come from, and that’s one of the targets of GLAD,” said Ross Moloney, LEEA CEO. “We want to take an opportunity to show kids, those looking for a career change, those on military leave, that the industry isn’t just hard, dirty, and unglamorous. The industry has a lot to offer.”

Moloney said anybody can be posting on and throughout the day.

“Key players in the industry, operators, management, family members, friends, we really want to see the hashtag take off and be trending on all social media platforms across the globe,” he said.

Mark Bridger of Bridger Howes said, “We invite everybody to join in with #GLAD2020. This is all about bringing the industry together to tell the world about high standards and the things in lifting they are GLAD about – such as innovation, standards, collaboration, technological change or even something lifting related you’ve seen that has amused you.”

Moloney has some suggestions of what could be posted, including:

  • – lifting videos
  • – lifting projects
  • – awards
  • – speaking on video
  • – infographics
  • – safety content
  • – trade show coverage
  • – anything related to the lifting industry

Moloney also wants to highlight GLAD as an opportunity to celebrate success industry players have had during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We want to highlight and celebrate what our industry has done about COVID-19, and how it has taken over, and what we’ve faced,” he said. “We’ve seen hospitals built in a week, simply because it needed to be done and there were people there who could help. I’d love to see more of that from around the globe. Construction workers can be heroes too.”

Moloney said he is looking forward to seeing all the online content celebrating GLAD.

“GLAD on July 9 will be a big day for our industry so make sure it’s in your diary and let’s raise global awareness of high-quality lifting practice – not forgetting to add #GLAD2020 to it.”

Use the hashtag #GLAD2020 on all your social media platforms on July 9!





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