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DICA to display breadth of products at SC&RA annual conference

March 22, 2018  By DICA

DICA will exhibit several products from its FiberMax, SafetyTech, and ProStack product lines at the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association’s annual conference, April 17 to 21, in Boca Raton, Fla.

DICA’s incredibly lightweight and strong FiberMax Mega Duty Crane Pads are typically 60% lighter than steel and wood solutions and have been proven to be able to be deployed or stored up to 75% faster than traditional wood or steel pads. The fully molded internal bi-directional sheer web design works to maximize load distribution in all four directions while minimizing the overall weight.

“Our FiberMax FM8x5x10 Mega Duty crane pads only weigh 1,285 pounds each, about 60% less than what we had been using previously,” said Joe Estep, Connelly Crane Rental, Detroit Michigan.

Patented FiberMax Crane Pads are designed with similar strength properties as steel constructed pads.  The fully engineered solution provides safe, predictable, and effective load distribution to efficiently reduce ground bearing pressures under most equipment with lifting capacities up to 500 tons. All FiberMax Mega Duty Crane Pads come with an owner’s manual to increase communication between lift directors, operators, and site safety personnel.


“FiberMax Crane Pads are the only crane pad on the market that can generate a six-figure return on your investment. In addition to the incredible weight, labor and transportation savings, DICA is the only manufacturer that provides the technical performance information to help owners, operators and site personnel understand what is happening under the pads,” said Koberg.

SafetyTech Outrigger Pads are built using DICA’s proprietary engineered thermoplastic that is virtually unbreakable and is more rigid than look-a-like stabilizer pads. Available in Medium, Heavy, and Super Duty classes, there is a product for nearly every outrigger enabled piece of equipment, including mobile cranes. Key features include rot resistance, industrial grade safety texturing, radius edges and corners and DICA’s patented TuffGrip® Handle System, that makes lifting or rolling the pads significantly safer and easier.

Both FiberMax Crane Pads and SafetyTech Outrigger Pads can be selected when in 3D Lift Plan, further contributing to the ability for confident lift planning.

ProStack cribbing lock together to provide additional height under outrigger floats to assist in creating a more level set-up.  Both Medium and Heavy Duty ProStack Cribbing set-ups are made up of three basic parts; a base SafetyTech Outrigger Pad, ProStack Interlocking Cribbing Blocks and a high friction top Grip Pad. The base SafetyTech Outrigger Pad is manufactured with an interlocking pyramid surface that the cribbing blocks lock into. Operators then stack layers of ProStack® Cribbing Blocks, to the desired height. Lastly, a ProStack Grip Pad is placed on top of the stack to provide a high friction surface for the outrigger foot, and to protect the pyramid surface on the cribbing blocks.

“ProStack Cribbing performance is predictable and reliable unlike most other solutions commonly employed in the field.  The engineered material is strong, impervious to environmental conditions, and all components are ergonomically designed to be user-friendly. By interlocking together, ProStack Cribbing creates a more secure set-up under the stabilizer or outrigger foot. This increases safety and stability in situations where the ground is not level.” said Koberg.

About DICA
DICA, Guthrie Center, Iowa, has been specializing in building a better outrigger pad since 1988. By creating engineered solutions for improving equipment stability and ergonomic safety, DICA is leading the way in product innovation for outrigger pads, crane pads and ProStack cribbing.
DICA outrigger pads and crane pads, including SafetyTech and FiberMax, are used in 40+ countries and on 6 continents around the world in construction, maintenance, electrical utility, oil and gas and tree care as well as local, state and federal government agencies. Learn more at

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