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Crosby|Straightpoint launches Multi-Function Insight software

September 28, 2020  By Crane & Hoist Canada staff

Insight is supplied with an SW-D USB wireless dongle and can be used with a laptop, tablet or other device using Windows.

Crosby|Straightpoint launched its Insight software that allows users to monitor up to 126 load cells from up to 700 metres away, before and during a lift.

Using the multi-channel display and data logging mode, users can view and log load data from connected individual and multiple load cells, live on screen and directly into a .csv file for later analysis at speeds of up to 200Hz. The visualization mode is designed for more complicated lifts and allows import of a photo of the lift in addition to drag and drop load cell displays by making the screen look like the lift. Proof load testing capability allows real-time graphing of load tests and auto-generates test certificates. Insight can be used to weigh and calculate the centre of gravity of large items and structures.

“Each of Insight’s main features represents cutting-edge load monitoring technology in their own right, but what really distinguishes the system is its ability to perform all of those tasks—from multi-channel data logging to centre of gravity—with one single software purchase and wireless dongle,” saidDavid Mullard, business development manager at Crosby|Straightpoint.

Insight software allows users to monitor up to 126 load cells from up to 700 metres away.

Mullard explained that Insight is used to scan for wireless load cells within a 700-metre area, which allows an entire site to be monitored, or a select number of load monitoring products on a planned critical lift. Users can select load cells within the system based on their serial numbers. “You can remotely wake-up load cells that are already rigged in the application, get the signal, and start monitoring to keep equipment, loads, and people safe,” he said.


Insight utilizes Crosby|Straightpoint’s Proof Test plus software to record data gathered by a Radiolink plus load cell, load shackle or compression load cell, for example. It can create a pass or fail certificate that includes test data and graphs charting data from the load versus time throughout a test.

Another Insight feature is a visual and audible alarm that indicates overload, underload, low battery and communications errors. “The user might want to know when a 1-tonne capacity hoist is at or approaching capacity, and / or a 5-tonne capacity crane is nearing its working load limit. All data can be captured and presented in a report or verified on a certificate, giving users and their customers complete insight and traceability,” said Mullard.

Insight is separate from Crosby|Straightpoint’s Handheld plus device and Bluetooth app. Mullard said that the transition to Insight will typically happen when more than four load cells are being employed and monitored.

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