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Crane ship lifts large section of surveillance balloon from Atlantic

February 15, 2023  By Fox News

The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard retrieved a large, 30-foot section of China’s surveillance craft shot down over the Atlantic on Friday using a crane ship.

The U.S. removed the large section of the payload with a crane ship on Friday, removing important electronics and sensors for analysis. Separate from the China craft, a senior U.S. Defense official tells Fox News Digital that investigators have found “similarities” among the three other “objects” shot down over the weekend, but they have yet to draw any conclusions.

 The U.S. has shot down four objects over the U.S. and Canada since Feb. 4. Only the first is known to be of Chinese origin, however. U.S. and Canadian authorities are working to recover the three other objects that were shot down, one over Alaska, another over Canada, and a third over Lake Huron.

(Fox News)

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