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Cordeiro Group chooses Tadano AC 8.500-1 crane

June 27, 2022  By Tadano

In order to secure new jobs without having to contract out larger lifts, the Cordeiro Group in Brazil needed a strong and reliable all terrain crane. They selected a 2019 Tadano AC 8.500-1 because of its reputation as a reliable heavy-duty crane.

Cordeiro Cranes has rented many machines to wind projects over the years, usually small and medium size truck cranes, all terrain cranes and medium-size crawler cranes. They used to have to rely on a third party for some bigger services, but that will not be an issue with their new eight-axle powerhouse.

“The company is growing and looking for new equipment, and this is just the first of this size. This machine will expand our fleet and make us more robust in the market”, says Aldelfredo Mendes, commercial director of the Cordeiro Group.

Obviously the company is excited about the potential growth and income from a bigger machine, and Cordeiro was also attracted to many of the quality features of the AC 8.500-1. They highlighted the full 90-meter luffing jib, the patented Sideways Superlift (SSL) system and the fall protection system as important factors for their expanding business.


It looks like the first work for the AC 8.500-1 will be a long-term maintenance contract on a wind farm. Tadano looks forward to supporting Cordeiro and this new machine as they grow in the Brazilian crane market.

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