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Climber poses as worker to go atop Dubai’s tallest crane

July 4, 2022  By The Guardian

A British free climber has dangled 390 metres above Dubai without safety equipment after posing as a worker to gain access to the city’s tallest crane.

Adam Lockwood, 21, gained entry to a skyscraper, evading construction workers to reach the top, where he scaled the crane to cling from a metal bar with just one hand.

A video depicts his illegal journey to the top of the building at night, followed by shots of his body suspended above a glittering cityscape below, as he flips and moves around the crane’s structure.

In his seven-minute YouTube video, mostly filmed using a GoPro, he shows his palms and splashes his hat with water to cool down in what he says was 45C heat.


He later said he only realized the crane had been covered in invisible grease after climbing it. “At first I thought it was dust from the desert but checking my hands it was grease, feet and hands slipping on everything I touched.”

After being initially shouted at by a site worker, he pretended to be a construction worker who had forgotten something. He changed stairwells eight times over two hours to evade other workers.

(The Guardian)

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