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Canada’s oil sands producers double down on leadership

June 10, 2019  By Cosia

June 10, 2019, Calgary, Alta. – Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) announced the release of more than 60 Innovation Opportunities that can benefit from broader, global collaboration.

The Innovation Opportunities build on the success of previously released public innovation ‘challenges’ and include open source opportunities in research and technology from incremental to game-changing, with the potential to propel industry forward.

The announcement, made at the Inventure$ conference in Calgary, Alta., demonstrates that COSIA members are doubling down on commitments to innovation leadership through COSIA’s globally unique open-source approach.

“COSIA’s collaborative, open approach to innovation has delivered significant progress, through Canadian innovation at work and environmental leadership in action,” said John Brogly, COSIA’s acting chief executive. “Our members are committed to continuing this kind of innovation and to accelerating delivery of improved environmental performance across the industry, which is why we are taking this significant step.”


Through COSIA, Canada’s oil sands producers are achieving significant environmental performance improvement in the areas of greenhouse gases, water, tailings and land. Since COSIA was launched in 2012, its members have invested more than $1.4 billion to develop nearly 1,000 distinct technologies, with over half a billion dollars dedicated to active projects.

“While COSIA’s innovations are centred on oil sands environmental improvement, many have the possibility for use in other industries across the world,” said Brogly. “These innovations have the potential to improve water use, reduce greenhouse gases, and accelerate land reclamation at a global scale. Just imagine the possibilities.”

COSIA’s Innovation Opportunities can be viewed at In the coming months, the Alliance plans to share more information about its highest priority Innovation Opportunities. Those interested are encouraged to sign up for COSIA’s e-mail list, follow its social media channels and check the website regularly.

Parties who wish to submit ideas for consideration can do so through COSIA’s Environmental Technology Assessment Portal (E-TAP), on the COSIA website.

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