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BM Group acquires Sanderson Concrete

August 25, 2022  By Don Horne

The BM Group of Companies has acquired Sanderson Concrete Inc., the latest addition to its already robust portfolio of construction, project management, material supply, and land development companies.

“Sanderson has been producing quality products for nearly a century,” said Milan Mann, President of Real Estate Development and Construction at the BM Group. “They are simply the best at what they do in architectural precast. We wanted to acquire the best in class, and I think we’ve done that here.”

With over 40 years of experience in the industry with supply, restoration, and materials testing, the BM Group’s roots are cemented in concrete. The BM Group’s well-established concrete supply and precast manufacturing operation provides its clients with a vast catalogue of precast concrete products. After its acquisition of Sanderson, though, the BM Group is now able to expand its product offerings in the precast industry and take its already skilled team to the next level.

Acquiring Sanderson was a natural step in the BM Group’s expansion: both companies shared similar clientele and would have been considered competitors in a small industry. Clients and industry partners can rest assured knowing that the BM Group and Sanderson will continue to deliver the same quality work they’re known for, but now they’ll be able to do more of it with greater efficiency, and grow together within the industry.


Jan Arntorp, owner of Sanderson Concrete, said BM Group was the obvious choice for the acquisition.

“It was clear that the BM Group cared about the security of Sanderon’s people — our employees and customers — as well as the future of the company,” said Arntorp. “I am thrilled to be handing the reins to a capable group with such a strong vision, a company that will carry Sanderson Concrete’s legacy to new heights.”

After acquiring Sanderson, the BM Group now represents a comprehensive network of over 16 active businesses, delivering cost savings, efficiencies, and other benefits to its clients. The BM Group is proud to be a local, family-owned company that continues to provide opportunities for employment and growth in the communities and industries it believes in.

You can watch the BM Group & Sanderson Concrete video here

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