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Halifax sees a building boom as cranes pop up everywhere

May 30, 2022  By CBC News

Look up almost anywhere around downtown Halifax and you will probably see one of the many tower cranes that have become part of the skyline.

With residential construction growing at one of the fastest rates in the country, the cranes have been popping up at building projects all around the region. The number of cranes fluctuates as projects begin and end, but between 25 and 37 cranes operate in the region, according to the Halifax Regional Municipality.

“This is definitely unprecedented as far as I know for the Halifax region,” said Miguel Salgueiro, the president of Omega Formwork, which has six cranes erected at projects in Halifax. “We are very busy. The only comparison I could use and I’m not sure it’s a comparison anymore was in the ’80s. There were a significant number of tower cranes but that would have topped out at 15 or 20 and we’re double that probably currently.”

(CBC News)


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